Canyon Reels EX-80 Two Speed Trolling Reel

Canyon Reels EX-80 Two Speed Trolling Reel
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  • Item #: EX-80

Redesigned for 2016!

The Captains made their suggestions and we listened to create an even better EX-80. The harness lugs have been double to 4 for better handling and we've upgraded to a dual drag system for even smoother runs. Check out the new and improved model today and the full list of upgraded features below.

  • New bolt on system, rod clamps directly to frame
  • Over sized T-bar handle for cranking power
  • Stainless steel drag lever guide
  • New double drag system for smoother drag runs
  • 4 total harness lugs for better balance control


CANYON REELS EX-80 TWO SPEED TROLLING REELS PACK AN INCREDIBLE DRAG! The drag power of the EX-80 exceeds most 130 lb. class reels of other reel makers! The EX-80 is designed for giant fishing and has more than 150 lb. of drag at max strike position!

The EX-80 is a monster reel, designed to stop monster fish! Nine stainless anti-rust bearings give the EX-80 incredibly smooth performance while packing 155 lb. of drag power into this reel.

Tested in The Northeast on giants, the EX-80 features a pre-set feature for accurate drag settings, with our easy one-touch gear shifter. A max drag of 105 lb. at strike and over 155 lb. at full drag will get any fish to the boat!

  • Extreme Power: Over 155 lb. of drag!! 105 lb. at max strike!
  • Gear Ratio: 2.5:1 / 1.3:1 Ratios
  • Line Capacity: 1025 yards of 80# mono
  • Pre Set Drag Feature: Accurate drag sets
  • Stainless Gears & Springs: All stainless, anti-rust bearings, gears, clickers & springs
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